Helium Harvey: A Gorgeously Animated Short Film by Daniel Savage

Animator Daniel Savage created this beautifully animated short film titled Helium Harvey, about a curious young boy who swallows a helium balloon and floats around the world, seeing a number of amazing sights.

The film’s artwork is gorgeous and is worth watching at least twice (if not more). See more of Savage’s work at his website.

Source: Daniel Savage \ Via: Laughing Squid

Feel-Good Illustrations with Subtle Animations by Rebecca Mock

Rebecca Mock is a talented illustrator. Look at any of her work and you’ll know it. But these illustrations aren’y just ordinary illustrations. Mock added the slightest of animations to these “feel good” scenes to make perfectly subtle cinemagraphs. They’re fantastic. Click the thumbnails below to view larger versions:

Source: Rebecca Mock \ Via: Design Taxi

Mesmerizing Aerial Photography by Klaus Leidorf

German photographer Klaus Leidorf captures these mesmerizing aerial photographs from the window of his Cessna 172. From beaches and farmland, to cities and open waters, Leidorf’s images highlight the natural, and man-made, patterns that can only be appreciated from the sky. See more of Leidorf’s work on his website.

Source: Klaus Leidorf \ Via: Colossal

Slow Life: A Time Lapse of Coral, Sponges, & Other Marine Wildlife

This incredible macro time lapse video, by Daniel Stoupin, gives us an up-close look at a variety of corals, sea sponges, and other “slow” marine animals. Over 150,000 photographs were taken, then stitched together, to create this beautiful piece, titled Slow Life. Learn more about the project here.

Source: Daniel Stoupin \ Via: Colossal

Colorful, Underwater Plumes of Ink by Alberto Seveso

Italian photographer and illustrator Alberto Seveso recently released this series of photographs, featuring colorful, underwater plumes of ink on a black background. Previously, we featured some of Seveso’s ink-swirled portraiture. See more of these beautiful pieces, and more of the artist’s work, here. Click through the images below to view larger versions of each:

Source: Alberto Seveso \ Via: Colossal

Photos of Liquid Forming Colorful River Monsters

Photographer Jack Long captures high-speed photos of these colorful, jellyfish-like liquid formations, which he called River Giants. Though it takes great timing and precision to capture these, Long finds himself pleasantly surprised at the unique, unpredictable nature, these formations take. See more of Long’s work here.

Source: Jack Long \ Via: My Modern Met

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